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Free K&K Insurance Quote

Check Our Best Daily Insurance Deals

Free K&K Insurance Quote

You can get a free K&K Insurance quote online for numerous policy types (entertainment, event, camps, dance, fitness, gymnastics, K-12 student, motorsports, martial arts, sports, private school K-12, etc.). K&K is a specialty insurance carrier that focuses on providing private and public businesses with coverage that will protect them from common industry accidents/incidents. If you want to learn more about the different types of policies that are available go to this page (link will open in a separate browser tab/window). If you would rather receive a custom rate over the phone (or go over policy options with a representative/licensed agent) call 1-800-637-4757. Once you have reviewed your custom online rate you will also be able to purchase your policy online.

How to Get a Quote

Step 1 – Go to the homepage (

Step 2 – Select which type of policy you want to purchase from the list on the right side of the page (for example if you want to purchase a policy for your fitness facility then click the “Fitness Facilities” link).


Step 3 – Select which specific program you’re interested in from the drop-down list and then click the go button.


Step 4 – Fill out the required sections within the quote form (specific sections will vary based upon the type of policy that you’re interested in).


Step 5 – After completing the form you will be presented with your custom rate.