Although AIG life insurance quotes are not directly available online, you can request a quote using the online form as show in the guide below. You can also request a quote for a term, universal, or whole life policy by calling  1-888-543-3371. A great way to determine how much insurance you may need is to use AIG’s free coverage/policy calculator (instructions posted below).

How to Get a Quote

Step 1 – Go to the individual life insurance page by clicking the ‘Quote’ link at the top of this page (note: right-click the button and load the link in a new tab/window).

Step 2 – Press the ‘Get a Quote’ button (or the ‘Submit info online’ link) as outlined below.


Step 3 – Select your desired coverage amount from the drop-down list. Enter your first name, last name, home number, date of birth, height, weight, ZIP code, mobile phone number, and email address. Select your level of nicotine use.

Note: You can also call the quote hotline at 800-294-4544.


How to Use the Life Insurance Calculator 

Step 1 – On the main life insurance page, press the ‘Calculator’ link.


Step 2 – Select whether to supplement your family’s income for X amount of years, or to only cover the one-time expenses as listed in the input section.

Step 3 – Enter the following asset information as it pertains to your current financial circumstances:

  • Cash/savings
  • Home equity
  • Investments
  • Other

Step 4 – The next input section is comprised of death expenses. Enter the following inputs:

  • Estate taxes
  • Probate
  • Funeral
  • Uninsured medical expenses
  • Debt repayment
  • College funds

Step 5 – Enter your family’s future income amounts:

  • Work income
  • Social security benefits
  • Other various income

Step 6 – Enter your family’s future expenses:

  • Child care
  • Living expenses
  • College expenses
  • Job training
  • Other

Step 7 – Adjust the inflation rate, savings interest rate, and state+federal tax rates (if necessary). Select your gender and then hit the ‘Show Results’ button.


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