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Free Aflac Life Insurance Quote

Free Aflac Life Insurance Quote

The easiest way to enroll in an Aflac life insurance policy is by asking your current employer about their employee/group life insurance offerings. Aflac life insurance policies (both whole and term) are currently only available via payroll deductions. However you can also request a quote online or get in touch with a local agent (click here to find agents in your area) to go over policy options. Use the life insurance calculator to determine what type of coverages and how large of a policy you may need.

How to Get a Quote

Step 1 – Right-click the ‘Quote’ button at the top of this page and load the link in a new browser window or tab.

Step 2 – Select which type of policy you are interested in enrolling with (i.e. juvenile life, critical illness), and then click the continue button.


Step 3 – Enter your first name, last name, main phone number, email address, and ZIP code. Click ‘Next.’


Step 4 – Select the best time for an agent to call you.

Note: You can also request a quote over the phone by calling 1-800-992-3522. 

How to Use Aflac’s Life Insurance Calculator

Step 1 – On the life insurance page (direct URL: scroll to the bottom, and then click the ‘Launch Calculator’ link.


Step 2 – Select your anticipated after-death costs (funeral, taxes, medical costs, etc.) by adjusting the slider.


Step 3 – Select your annual income.

Step 4 – Select your anticipated age of retirement.

Step 5 – Enter your outstanding debt.

Step 6 – Select how much money you will require for college funding.

Step 7 – Enter how much money you currently have invested.

Step 8 – Enter how much money you currently have saved for retirement.

Step 9 – Select the amount of life insurance you have.

Step 10 – Click ‘Get Results’ at the bottom of the page.


Step 11 – Your life insurance estimate will display on the results page.